Adult Triceratops Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom Inflatable Unisex Costume

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The next Viral Sensation They're all the rage. We know you've seen the videos. Ever since Jurassic World landed in 2015, the Fancy Dress Costume sensation seen 'round the world has been the inflatable T-Rex Fancy Dress Costume. And the viral videos have made the million view mark on YouTube. But. Now it's time to add a new dinosaur to the equation. That's right! Move over Mr. Rex. We're ready for a dino with a few more horns to be the star. The Triceratops! That's right, now the Triceratops will be the whimsical dino seen traversing parks and neighborhoods and performing all kinds of hijinks. And if you're up for it, you can be in on the fun, too, with this adult inflatable triceratops Fancy Dress Costume! From the same company that created the famed T-Rex Fancy Dress Costume, this Fancy Dress Costume brings us another famous dinosaur, but this one comes with with four legs and three horns! Design and Details This triceratops Fancy Dress Costume is big. Like huge! Constructed of windbreaker-like polyester material, it comes with a battery operated fan that blows up the Fancy Dress Costume to large-and-in-charge proportions. It extends behind you, to create the quadrupedal appearance, and the oversized head features a tall crest, the signature horns, and a clear window so the wearer is able to see out! Make a big impression We're sure you'll be the star of the scene when you go in this Jurassic World 2 triceratops Fancy Dress Costume. For your Fancy Dress Costume party, or to create a viral video that will be instantly memorable, you're guaranteed to have a blast in this inflatable Fancy Dress Costume! - Inflatable Bodysuit - 2 Fans