Ashleigh Burwood Air Purification

Explaining the virtues of air purifying Fragrance Lamps

As we're all spending much more time indoors, the air we breathe and the atmosphere of our homes has never been more actively considered. At this time more than ever, we want to support you in affirming the air purifying benefits of our Fragrance Lamps.

A quick recap on the heritage and benefits of Fragrance Lamps

The Fragrance Lamp goes back to 1898 when a French pharmacist created a catalytic combustion system to disinfect the air in hospitals. Ashleigh & Burwood have taken this purification method and refined it into the Fragrance Lamps we sell today.

These Fragrance Lamps have been laboratory tested and proven to effectively remove up to 99% of bacteria and dust mites, and up to 96% of mould spores from the air. To help destroy bacteria in your environment, why not use a Fragrance Lamp to assist you in purifying the air around your home, your office or wherever you may be with the added bonus of leaving a lovely scent behind.