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OK Play is a game for the world. Language, culture, religion, age and sex are no

barrier. From Albania to Zambia, in Urdu or Zulu, between Rabbis and Jedis, OK Play

can go anywhere and be played by anyone, with anyone (even if you can’t understand

a word the other person is saying).

The rules are simple. Each player receives a stack of coloured tiles, taking it in turns

to place a tile on the table and racing to get five in a row before anyone else. Each tile

must line up with the flat side of of another (no placing corners on corners) and the

lines can go horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you manage to use all of your tiles

and there’s still no winner, you can reposition them one at a time. That’s it!

OK Play is the perfect travellers game. There’s no dice, no fiddly-bits to lose and it’s

strong, waterproof and portable. So whether you’re off to the beach in Bali or the

rainforests of Brazil, just sling it into your bag and you’re ready to play your fellow

travellers or the locals.

Easy to learn, complicated to master, OK Play offers a range of different play-styles.

Go on the offensive, trying as hard as you can to create as many lines as you can, or

play defensively and focus on blocking players, waiting your chance to strike when

they’re not expecting it.

7 billion people want a game, time to throw your tiles into the ring