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Scrawl, the game of disastrous doodles and godawful guesses, has arrived. Gather your friends

and hand each player a clipboard, a pen and a Scenario Card. Now, pick one of the four Scenarios

on your card (each is a slightly dodgy object or phrase) and get ready to create the best

illustration that the world has ever seen.

Once you’ve all finished with your drawings, clip them to the clipboard and pass it to the player on

your left. Take a good hard look at the picture in front of you, grab another piece of paper and try

to describe it as best you can. Clip it over the picture and, once again, pass the clipboards to the

left. Next, clip another piece of paper over your friend’s description and attempt to doodle it.

After you’ve finished, pass the clipboard to the left again.

Continue this process of describing, passing and doodling until each player’s clipboard has gone fullcircle and returned back to them. One by one, unveil the contents of your clipboard and display to all your friends how your innocent(ish) drawing of “Octopus Mating Season” ended up as a poorlydrawn “Cat Orgy” in just a few turns.

Once the laughs and finger-pointing have subsided, the owner of the clipboard picks his/her

favourite card in the run (it can be either a description or a drawing). The player responsible for

the winning card receives a point and the next clipboard is emptied. Once all the clipboards have

been checked out, grab a new Scenario Card and start up the next round; the first player to

acquire 10 points is declared the winner.

With Scenarios that we’re not allowed to replicate on the internet, Big Potato’s new adult game

is a great party game for fans of ‘Bucket of Doom’ and ‘Obama Llama’.

Don’t forget - a bad drawer makes for a great Scrawler.